I’m finally able to mend things!

I have always been the most accident prone person ever. I have also never been able to fix anything that broke while I was using it. However, today the trend shifted. The vacuum cleaner was completely refusing to suck up any bits. I washed out the filter as the instructions recommended. Then it still wasn’t working. While I was using it there was a poof of dust and it started sucking bits up (like it was new again). I only had it since September last year. The cat hair, my hair and cat litter can cause a problematic matted mess of those things in my vacuum cleaners. I can’t really avoid the issue but try not to let the dust holder get too full. I am actually surprised that I manage to fix the machine, admittedly when it unblocked that was technically an accident. I was getting ready to return the product as it’s still in the warranty time limit.

In all honesty I haven’t done a lot today. That at least gives me a sense of achievement after a lazy day. It’s far too cold to go for a walk. I felt like I had walked into ice cold air when I took the bin out earlier. I haven’t wasted the day now that I’ve managed to fix the vacuum cleaner and use it to pick up all the bits that were getting irritating. I’m just having 5 minutes rest… well it’s probably going to be more because I’m going to check out Netflix until my food shop gets here. I’m very tired today because my sleep pattern is still a mess. I was still awake at 5am and didn’t wake up until midday. I’m modifying my sleep pattern slowly. I was waking up at 2 or 3pm most days for a few weeks.