Chilled but sleep pattern a mess.

I am still awake at a stupid hour because my sleep pattern is a mess. I just did my weekly shop online so that is out of the way. I feel sleepy tonight… that is something I don’t normally feel at night. Progress happens when least expected. I was expecting not to feel sleepy after I got up late. I haven’t stopped since I got up. I had a lot to do today. I didn’t go for a walk. I am glad about that because it started snowing. I would rather be inside where it’s warm. I still can’t go for a walk daily yet because my knee is not quite better. It’s not got water in it now but the joint still feels like it’s not quite fixed. I will be back to square one if I overuse my knee. I only jarred something in there when it filled with water. Initially when I injured that knee I kept going the gym which is why it reoccurs over a decade later. I can move about a lot more now which is a lot less frustrating than having  my knee up sat on the sofa for two weeks. I don’t like staying still for long because it gets boring. I get bored trying to get to sleep even if I’m exhausted.