The last few days have been positive.

I haven’t blogged for a few days because I was having a quiet weekend. I’ve not been  at home all weekend. I have started going out more again. I’m not ready to do much yet but better than I have been which is positive. I am definitely not pregnant because my stomach has gone back down now. I think that I had an issue that eventually sorted itself out. Infections can take months to finally clear up. I’m healing in general because I am listening to those binaural beats sound waves. I’ve also cut down on food that causes bloating over the last fortnight. I was getting quite irritated looking pregnant when the tests and my monthly was indicting that I wasn’t the case. I’m still drinking fizzy drinks every day but only one little bottle a day. I’m attempting to drink more water but it’s not a natural habit yet. I’m starting to feel better. I sometimes get glimpses of the former me before I got traumatised. The sound therapy is helping a little but it’s still quite early days. I’m ok initially after listening to the YouTube videos with headphones but I can’t sustain a permanent benefit yet. It’s like reflexology for your brain. The waves of sounds are supposed to heal different aspects of life.