I gave today my best effort.

I nearly didn’t do anything today. I’m feeling a bit yuck because my monthly is playing up quite a bit. I’m okay now but earlier even the housework was making me feel sick. I had to go to get my medication because leaving it until tomorrow would have been cutting it too fine. I had only one dose left in the box. I ordered the new supply 2 weeks ago so I knew that my next prescription would be there at some point this week. I didn’t know what day I would be feeling up to going down there. It’s only in the town (20 min walk x2) but I went in the car due to not being in a fit state to walk. I also got a few bits from the supermarket which I needed. I parked between the pharmacy and shop so it was only a short walk to both of those places. I feel like I’m getting a cold which isn’t helping how awful I feel in general.

I try to be happy but I don’t see how I can be truly cheerful. I don’t know how someone that has had their baby forcibly adopted by child protection due to disability can be truly happy or even mentally settled ever again. I have researched for many hours, weeks, days for a legal route to merely just get an apology from the local authority for placing my son for adoption. That would at least be an acknowledgement of responsibility for having a devastating affect on my life. I can access the whole database of case law as part of my law degree resources. I have been through a lot of them but I can’t find anything that can legally bring me closure. I don’t want the authorities to get away with how they failed me and caused me emotional distress by what actions they’ve taken in my life. However, nothing useful has got to the appeal court level for me to be able to base my cases aspect on for any potential legal argument.