Nocturnal hours activities.

I was finishing off some notes on my Open University degree module last night when mister (cat) decides to bring an adult rat in with him to present to me as a gift. He has never managed to catch something that large previously. I made sure that it was dead before I scooped the rat into a dustpan and put it back outside. I was afraid of being bitten because I know that they get vicious when threatened. I heard a squeaking noise thinking he had just caught a small mouse (this is what normally happens). I turned around to find him carrying an adult sized rat. Luckily he killed it quite quickly so I wasn’t dealing with a live rat but it was still a shock. I was just about to close all the windows to get in bed. I then couldn’t settle because the thought of rats just made me a bit restless. I spent the next 3 hours after that colouring an art therapy magazine picture and also modifying it a little bit. These two photos below sum up the nocturnal hours of various things that occurred while most people are asleep (apart from me which I’m working on).