I just don’t feel confident right now.

I’m not sure that I can do my law degree. I don’t want to fail because I feel like I’m letting people down who need me to get into a position where I can change things after the completion of my degree. It’s harder than I expected. I may find it easier when I’ve finished the first introductory year. I don’t feel confident after my previous tutor marked assignment got only 52%. The previous one I got was over 70%. I have two of those assignments to go until the end of the module. It doesn’t sound much until you realise how much detail is required. I was never educated properly. I don’t have the ability to write at undergraduate level to the standards preferred. This is the easiest module. I won’t meet the grades for the future ones if I’m struggling on this level. I’m also feeling quite depressed in recent weeks. I just keep thinking about what my life would have been like if my son hadn’t been taken for adoption. I can’t help thinking that my reality would be much better. I wouldn’t have been seriously affected by what happened which means I would have never got into trouble. I probably wouldn’t have attempted university so that means o wouldn’t have met the person that was part of that trouble. I wish that I could go back and make sure I kept my son resulting in all that being erased. I would have been a lot better off if I’d never been near dmu (especially in light of what came out last year) and also never met her. If my life had taken a different path in the circumstances that my son wasn’t forcibly adopted, things would now be completely different. Instead, I made links and associations that will haunt me for the rest of my life. That is why I don’t go out anymore. I’m traumatised to the point where I can’t even get a proper nights sleep without a nightmare or just waking up. I now truly believe that evil energy surrounds certain people and places. I’m never going to stop feeling those things because I’m able to naturally pick up stuff.

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  1. Just try your best and see where it takes you: you may be surprised. The only outcome that is guaranteed is to not succeed if you give up. If you keep at it, even if you don’t pass this time, you’ll have still learnt a lot and your confidence will still receive a boost overall. But I think you could surprise yourself.

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