Sorting myself out a bit.

I’m getting up at a reasonable time now. I did a bit of things that needed sorting around my flat. I do a lot but it seems to not make a vast amount of difference to the genuine state of my home environment. Chaotic is the default look of my surroundings. I do attempt to tidy up but it goes back to a mess a few days later. I’ve accumulated too much stuff which ends up scattered over my coffee table and other surfaces. I had a clear out last year but I seemed to have gained just as much again. I don’t tidy up enough because the task is rather dull and repetitive. I am of the mindset that it’s just going to end up a mess again after I start taking things out to use. I have to be quite irritated or inconvenienced by mess to go on a tidying spree. That is normally the point where I’m tripping over things or the clutter is making it harder to complete my university module.

I’m feeling slightly better mentally. I went in the vibrating plate machine briefly and went for a walk afterwards. I needed some fresh air after two days of being stuck inside. I’m trying not to over use my knee but getting the balance right is quite difficult. I get a bit of fluid on my knee but it goes back down again. The back part doesn’t feel like it’s pulling now. I’m guessing that is a sign that the main injury has fixed itself when I didn’t do any exercise for two weeks. I got bored not being able to move around much. I don’t want to go straight back into doing too much in case my knee decides it’s going to kick off again. I could walk up steps without my knee feeling painful today which is something I haven’t been able to do for a month. Even walking down steps was painful a few weeks ago. I live on the ground floor so it wasn’t too painful when I was at home. Apart from going too and from the car park. That involved steps and my knee was sore every time I went up and down them. You can go around but it takes longer which isn’t pleasant in the rainy weather. Driving my car was comfortable until it came to getting out and putting weight on my knee. Changing gear had pulled the back of my knee but I didn’t feel that damage until I got out the car. I got to the point where my knee joint felt a bit unstable. I am getting that feeling slightly now but it’s definitely repairing. I’ve noticed a major difference today in regards to my knee joint not feeling sore. I’m hoping that in a few weeks it will be back to normal without fluid build up.

One thought on “Sorting myself out a bit.

  1. Similar to my default state. The amount of stuff I possess is always slightly more than the space in which I have to possess it; and my “storage solutions” and general organisation are lamentable. Combined with the fact that I’m perpetually knackered, it’s always a mess.

    Which becomes self-perpetuating as a mess is not just visually but also psychologically jarring and I think that unease just adds to overall stress levels which then make sleep more difficult to attain.


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