I can’t move today. Depression has disabled me :(

I have so much to do but my depression is making it hard today. Even my hair is mostly in the state that it was before I straightened it the other day. The rain made it go back to a frizzy mess. I have a noticeable bump all of a sudden. I’m sure that I’m not pregnant just fat which is depressing too. I’m still having monthlies and I’m scheduled for my next one in 4 days so the bloat is expected. I’m not going the doctors at the moment until the Coronavirus cases start reducing. I’m sure it’s not serious but makes me feel like a fat pig at times. It could be my stomach muscles swelling after exercising yesterday.

The weather is sounding awful outside. The cats have fallen asleep on the bed. I’m watching something called sing on the television. I’m waiting to watch the masked singer because they’re being unmasked tonight and I’m sure that octopus is Katherine Jenkins. I’ve said this from their first performance. I just read that Caroline flack has been found dead. I don’t want to speculate due to the full details not being known yet. I guess that the court case which banned her from seeing her boyfriend probably had some effect on what has happened. She also got a lot of nastiness directed at her when that story broke a few months ago. I truly believe that Amy winehouse being stopped from seeing her husband led to her premature death in the long term. I know that he didn’t have a positive reputation. I just have my theory which I cannot say is definitely true. I just don’t think that in certain situations the above actions are helpful for mental health or even physical health.