It’s always nice to change routine sometimes.

I decided to order my weekly shop online and get it delivered. I just don’t want the hassle of carrying baskets and bags. I will let someone else do that at least for this weekly shop. The supermarket charges no  delivery extras so where I would spend petrol popping the shop for the things I needed amounts to less if I order my weekly list all together. I also nearly skipped my bath tonight but eventually decided I wanted one after putting on my clean pjs. I know that is the wrong way round but I didn’t feel like I had the energy earlier. I’ve been looking at a cleaner too. But they have to be trustworthy so it’s going to take a while to find one. The little things being done around me while I’m trying to do any OU modules will take the pressure off of me quite a bit. It’s all spare time for me where I can either be doing things I have to do or self care stuff. It’s taken me a long time to not feel ashamed that I can’t do everything. I can afford to pay for those services to feel less loaded by every day things. I haven’t been out in two days. I need the break from the outside world as I have to go out next week. I can get around my PDA autism if I don’t do too much all in one go. The demands then don’t seem too overwhelming because I’ve put the little things into other people who are paid so they don’t mind doing those tasks. I still got fresh air today because I popped my head out of the window after letting the cats out. I may not always be like this but right now it’s the right thing to do. I haven’t even felt like blogging for the last few days because I needed a complete break. I just want space at the moment. I drank 6 cans of Coke Zero in the last 2 days, that shows how I need to chill out. That’s about 2 little bottles a day and my teeth are really feeling that failure to do moderation.