Tired, Cold and Chubby :(

I’ve tried to do some for my OU module today and bits that needed doing around the house. I even got up at a decent hour. I washed my hair which is an achievement when I feel this tired. I can’t do a lot right now until my knee injury flare up goes down completely. I haven’t walked in a few days. It’s probably not doing me any good but the weather wasn’t pleasant to walk in anyway. I need the break but I’m losing more and more energy sitting around most of the time. If I do more damage to my knee before it’s healed then I will be having to rest it longer. I’m not eating that much but I feel chubby because I’m not burning hardly any calories off. I have a head full of frizzy hair so I will have to sort that when I have the energy. I skipped the deep conditioning part because it takes over a long time due to having to be left on for half an hour. I just felt far too tired to do that stage and had other priorities for the energy I had stored. I get frustrated with feeling tired all the time. I even slept better last night. I still woke up tired this morning. I didn’t sleep until gone 4am and my alarm woke me up at 8am. That is better than normal. I sometimes don’t sleep until gone 6am.

I have only just changed my bed covers and mister (cat) has already made himself comfy. He’s spread out asleep now. He was doing the same earlier until I moved him and his sister off the bed to remove dirty bed covers. Mimi (other cat) has decided to sit on my blanket I had over me on the sofa. I’m about to go for a nap so we are all comfortable. I will probably wake up with Mimi next to me too. That is what normally happens. Sleep becomes a group activity when it comes to cats. I envy their life not having to do anything all day apart from eat and sleep. They get to watch me doing everything but can just lay there chilling. They are truly spoilt though, to the point where they no longer use their own bed to sleep on. I don’t mind but there are times that I do feel crowded by the cats snuggling up next to me on my bed. I get sandwiched between both cats regularly while I’m sleeping. I wake up to find one either side of me.