This life is my karma.

I see my life experiences as something that I deserved due to being an awful person growing up. I believe that karma is  real even if your actions weren’t done on purpose. I lied so much when I was a teenager. I was the weird child that freaked out everyone at school by how I acted or communicated. I was such a nightmare for most of my life and was horrendous towards those around me. I am evil and have always felt like I carried darkness inside me. I caused my fate. This is my destiny now. I fully accept it and am prepared to live out the rest of my karma. If it wasn’t karma from my past then I’d be allowed at least letterbox contact with my son and the restraining order would be removed. I would be friends with that person rather than things being left stale between us. I used everyone growing up and now I’m meeting people who are users with the primary intention to abuse me. I made this life when I was growing up. I don’t deserve any sympathy because I was always evil.