One of those times I have to make myself do things.

I decided that I had to make an effort to get a few things done today. I literally did most of my housework after getting up late. I just made it to where I had to be on time because my cat decided to do a poo in the clean litter tray. I wasn’t leaving that smell in there because it would have taken ages to get rid of the smell. That took me another ten minutes to get out and then I got stuck in traffic. I’m slower in general at the moment because I can’t walk as fast with my knee playing up. I have to be out earlier tomorrow. I’m hoping to have an early night but whether I fall asleep or not isn’t something I can plan. I’m hopeful that I can sleep but my insomnia comes for a visit.

I’m having my nose pierced again tomorrow after my appointment. I am definitely going to try to keep it in this time. I kept losing my studs and then it healed over again.