I went bed early but woke up again :/

I didn’t have a bath this evening because I was tired. I went to bed about half 11. That is early for me. I fell asleep quite quickly but woke up just an hour later. I needed the toilet but it’s getting to 1 am soon which is the time I never sleep. I either wake up and cannot go back to sleeo or I am still awake but can’t sleep. I have a migraine due to tiredness after not getting proper sleep in weeks. I don’t think that I would have woken up if I hadn’t needed to go toilet tonight. I shouldn’t drink too near going to bed but that pattern is hard to change. It’s also hard to sleep when one of my cats are quite active at night. Mister runs around like a mad thing sometimes. He is in that mood tonight. He burns himself out eventually after using his excess energy. During the day he’s curled up asleep on my bed, in a box or on the sofa. That’s his daily routine. The other cat likes to go out whenever and sleep whenever. She is curled up on the bed next to me at the moment.

I’m not sure about my knee yet but it’s much better than last week. It’s no longer painful but can be quite stiff. I know it’s not completely healed as my knee cap still feels a bit delicate. I am trying not to get it drained unless it doesn’t go down in a few more days. I seem to be shifting the fluid just by having my legs up when I’m sat on the sofa. I keep rubbing my leg while it’s up to encourage the fluid to come out. It seems to be working but sitting in that position has given me backache a bit. I’m used to exercising even by just going for a walk. I can’t do that so much right now and that’s making me feel a bit stiff. If I go back to normal activities in my routine too soon then my knee could go the other way.

I’m hoping that I will get back to sleep soon. Mister has finally worn himself out and gone to sleep on my bed. I’m sure that I will get tapped on the arm by Mimi in the morning when they decide it’s food time. She is quite gentle but sticks her claws out if she sees a bare arm arm.