Note to self: do not read about local paranormal sightings during the night.

I made the mistake of searching paranormal sightings in the locality of where I live on the search engine beginning with G. Legally I cannot say the name because it’s classed as advertising. I have to be more mindful of these things now that the blog is starting to reach a wider audience. I will still try to bend rules but if I did it for this one I would subsequently be forced to mention all other search engines in existence.

I apologise for probably not stringing sentences together correctly. I haven’t slept all night. I couldn’t sleep before researching local paranormal sightings… I’m now to anxious even though I feel tired. I read articles from many different sources. The ones that were not on my doorstep wasn’t making me anxious. Until I came to an article written by the local paper in 2016…

It turns out that the charity shop I was sent to work at for community payback sentence in late 2018 was haunted. I knew what the shop used to be previously and at the time of the articles publication the shop had just became empty. I only went to that placement once and for some reason I just didn’t want to go back. I wasn’t alone for most of my first day but even when everyone else was downstairs I still felt like someone was there. The shop area isn’t too bad. I didn’t like the coldness of the back room which led to the toilet. Apparently, the attic is the most haunted area. I didn’t go that far up but I would have been working right underneath that level. The article said that the attic used to house servants when the building had been occupy by a family who ran a business originally in that building. There was a servant girl that got pregnant, didn’t tell anyone and died in childbirth. She wasn’t discovered until the next morning. There is also supposed to be another ghost that appears in the form of a short man. I did think that it was a bit chilly in there. I just didn’t want to go back there after the first day. I literally pick things up without trying. I thought it was just my social anxiety and things I had been through taking it’s toll on me at that time. The activity apparently isn’t just in the attic. A security guard at the shop it used to be saw a child crying and then it just disappeared. That back room just felt freezing and odd. I could have been sent to any other charity shop but I ended up being directed towards a haunted building. The chances were slim but they happened. I’m glad that I didn’t go back because I’m sure that one of those spirits would have shown themselves to me. They may have waited until I was a familiar face there and pick up that I am gifted in that area. I don’t like spirits doing that to me. I’ve had it happen before because somehow they sense that you are sensitive.

I’m definitely not going to sleep now. I’ve truly freaked myself out by overthinking what I could have seen if I’d stayed at that placement. It also now makes complete sense why I just point blankly refused to go back there.