I’m fed up of this particular issue!

I don’t have a lot of time right now but this needs to be said. I have experienced two decades of this attitude. This is the point where I say something. I have to air my views before it causes me to not be able to sleep on top of other things.

Since a young age I have been subject to criticism about all different aspects of who I am as a person. However, when I do the same thing I get told that I’m out of order. That is completely double standards! That is trying to condition me not to tell others that they’re wrong. I refuse to be passive when the way that others act start to affect me. I have to live alongside those that are around me regularly. I don’t like being subjected to angry comments that can potentially be quite hurtful. I sometimes feel obligated to be certain places because I’m made to feel guilty or completely awful if I’m not following what others organise. I’m supposed to just shut up, smile and not point others issues out which has a direct or indirect effect on me. I’ve never pointed things out to be horrible but to preserve my own sanity. I can take a lot before I completely get to the point I’ve had enough. I’m not the only one who has made  certain observations. I’m just the bravest one who has said something about certain issues straight upfront. I’m not doing it to be mean. I’m not the only one with issues but others around me don’t seem to be able to identify their own. I can’t go to get therapy for someone else’s issues. That isn’t how things work. That doesn’t change other people’s personalities around me. I still go back to the same environment that damaged me. Then nothing changes because the whole picture of the circumstances aren’t revised.

2 thoughts on “I’m fed up of this particular issue!

  1. Totally Understand You, I’m diagnosed as ‘High Function Autistic’ … Yeah Right, So I’m able to See through to the Truth better than Others but Do they Listen ? Nope… Better to Be Left Out of the Insanity than be included. Trust Yourself and You’ll Be alright… Trust Me


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