Slightly better but messed up sleep/wake pattern.

I have the worse ever sleep pattern at the moment. I got into a pattern of getting up around 3pm. I can’t get to sleep until gone 5am. I then wake up a few times during the day but fall back to sleep. I’m managing to get some things done but I miss all the things I normally watch during the weekdays. On a more positive note, my knee is getting better. It doesn’t hurt now but just feels a bit stiff. I can bend it more than yesterday. I have put it up quite a lot and used anti inflammatory cream on my leg for two days. I have knees that are nearly the same size again now that I managed to get the fluid off one of them. I haven’t walked or been on the vibrating plate machine for two days either. Apparently these things take a week to repair with not too much exercise. I’ve been moving around normally doing every day things but laid off the more intense exercise.