If dmu wants a fight they will gladly get it…

DMU’s reply to my complaint about the reimbursement of my fees was belatedly sent to my probation officer.  I have just read it.  They are claiming the reason that the complaint was rejected is that it was submitted too late. I wasn’t informed that it was a problem until three, nearly four years down the line. I sent them a letter when I got the statement about what I was supposed to have owed. That letter was ignored. I never received a reply and that was definitely sent as soon as I was made aware about the issue. They insist that it was rightly taken on a date when I was already on suspension and had officially been told I was excluded permanently. I was told that the finance was also suspended when I got officially put on suspension for the year. There was no point that I was told my loan would still be taken.

Before I even fought the suspension initially I was basically told that if I withdrew then the mental health manager would get the finance to be written off. I probably should have walked away because by fighting it I had to go in front of some high up figures in the university.  As someone from a disadvantaged group I shouldn’t have gone up against those in the most powerful positions. I was head strong for most of my life. If I hadn’t fought my sons adoption until the very end I was promised letterbox contact. I forfeited that by trying to stop the adoption. I feel angry at myself for fighting discrimination because the authorities have made sure I get an awful result for challenging them.

I am prepared to take the student finance issues further. I will gladly tell a court or even a higher authority body about how I was treated and where I ended up due to the university’s discrimination towards aspects of my disability. They won’t want that to come out because it could open up the flood gates regarding the other antics that have been going on under their roof for at least the last 8 years.  In circumstances where the restraining order got removed, myself and the tutor could team up which would mean the university would have no chance. The other person has a full law degree, I’ve just started mine and can see the smallest details when it comes to legalities. The university has tried to divide everyone to get away with all the shady things which were happening. If we all join together they don’t stand a chance. Unlike others I didn’t sign a non disclosure agreement. I’m not legally bound to keep my mouth shut about anything.