I’m better but not sure yet.

I think that my knee is a bit better but I’m not sure yet. I know that sounds confusing  but I’m going to be resting it most of tomorrow. I’m not great at sitting still but sometimes nothing else is going to fix it. I will ring the gp but I doubt that I will get in for an appointment so that it can be drained. I don’t want to go the doctors but I’m not able to avoid it much longer. I can’t even be bothered to brush my hair much because moving around is such an effort at the moment. It’s making me feel heavy. I feel like I’m carrying the fluid in that leg as a dead weight. I put some pain reliever gel on my knee earlier but it doesn’t seem to be helping much yet. I had a bath with Epsom salts to try to bring the swelling down a bit. The fluid is still sat above my knee though. The gel is supposed to be anti inflammatory. Nothing is shifting the fluid that’s just stuck around my knee. The times that my knee goes stiff is actually the worse part of this injury. It’s only the back of my leg that is affected. I even feel the fluid in my ankle on that side. It seems to be spreading out which I’m not sure if that is a good sign or not. It was stuck in one place around my knee cap before today. It must be less swollen because I can feel it starting to move a bit. Unless it comes out my leg then that isn’t much progress, it has to do that to get rid of the heaviness.