Still limping around… and getting very fat.

I attempted to go for a walk but couldn’t go far due to my knee. I’m wearing my pj bottoms when I’m home because it’s more comfortable. I need to go to the doctors because I also have a visible bump appearing. I don’t know if I’m pregnant but all my clothes are getting tight and I only bought these at Christmas. I keep getting negative tests and some form of monthly but not the same since that night. 18 weeks ago… and when I look at the lump it seems to tally with first pregnancy photos at that point. I have to do something soon otherwise I won’t fit into any of clothes. I started getting a bad knee as I got bigger the first time I was pregnant. I just wish that I felt comfortable at this point because if it turns out I am in that condition there are at least 4 months more of being uncomfortable. I’m hoping it’s not something more nasty but the dates work out so I’m almost sure that my suspicions are going to be accurate. There is no other reason why I should be fat because I eat healthy and don’t over eat. I make sure that I stay as active as possible even when my knee is being difficult.