Knee is getting annoying now.

C44669F0-17D7-4A6D-A98B-4511CF3A6CC6The above photo is my swollen knee. I have been trying to fix it for 2 days now. I just want the fluid to come off of my knee!  I even have some swelling at the bottom of my thigh. I’m getting behind on things I haven’t done which require moving from one room to the next. I can’t take a break any longer because I will get too far behind. I have an OU assignment deadline soon and can’t work in an untidy environment but if I try to fix the untidiness I make my knee swell up worse. The pain is quite bad today. I feel like it is stretching at the back of my knee. I’ve had ice on it this afternoon. I’ve been on the vibration plate machine briefly because it reduces the stiffness. I have just had a Epsom salt bath. I have literally done everything possible to remove the fluid from my knee. I even put my leg up for most of the evening. I’ve taken a painkiller which didn’t really work when it came to stopping the stretchy sensation. I am hoping that everything I’ve done today will make it a lot better tomorrow.