Quiet day :)

I had a quiet day but ended it with a migraine. I washed my hair and did some housework. I can’t go for a walk yet because my knee is still swollen. I bent down to put the cats bowls down earlier. The muscle at the back of my knee went extremely painful. I’ve found a way around that position by leaving that leg stretched behind me straight so that I’m not bending that knee. I am hoping that it will be less sore soon. I went on the vibrating plate machine for a short time and that has loosened the muscle which was sore. It feels a lot better now but by morning it may have gone tight again. It doesn’t hurt at all for the first time today. I took painkillers but the stiff soreness was still at the back of my knee.

It was a nightmare carrying cat litter and my shopping basket because that caused my knee to kick off a lot. I found driving okay though. The task of getting in and out the bath was challenging due to not being fully able to bend my knee without feeling sore. I haven’t straightened my hair yet so it looked big and wild when I popped out earlier. The worse thing is when it knots up after I have just washed it. I had to pick out the knots with my fingers because my comb was pulling at them too much. I’m trying to avoid breaking the ends off.

I think that I may actually sleep at night for the first time this week. I’m hoping that I stay asleep until morning. I kept waking up every few hours for a while and that is probably worse than being awake the whole night.