I had to switch off earlier. I needed the break.

I had to go for a four hour nap this evening because I was just overwhelmingly exhausted. I haven’t slept at night properly for a while and it has started to make me feel constantly tired. I’m trying to get 4 hours tonight so that I’ve had enough sleep not to get day time exhaustion. It hasn’t helped that I had to contend with my knee which has decided to swell up a bit. I keep having put ice on my kneecap to take down the swollen areas. This is a reoccurring problem that comes to bug me every so often. I can’t sit down or be in one position (eg. Sleeping) for long without it feeling stiff and painful when I start moving again. I do find it hard to balance because too much movement also causes the same problem. I have to keep things in the middle between being active and inactive. I only went for a walk down the shop which wasn’t that far but turned out to be too much.

I had to take a painkiller tonight because it got too stiff and sore to walk properly. They are the ones that take down swelling, then I can at least move my knee without having to limp around. I can’t avoid it being quite sore when I get up after sleeping. That is just one of those daily irritating things until my knee repairs itself. The fluid does make its way out most of the time if I catch it early and don’t let it build up. It always kicks off when I start a new exercise plan. I was on that vibration plate machine nearly every evening last week. I then went on that long walk carrying bags back with me. I just have to be careful for a few weeks. I wasn’t careful when I was younger which is why it got so bad. I used to be stubborn and refuse to rest because I wanted to make sure I stayed slim.

I feel much better after just going to bed when I was exhausted. I was restless earlier and just felt like totally switching off. Tiredness can get stressful sometimes because it feels like a weight I’m attempting to fight during waking hours. I get stressed because sometimes I’m that exhausted it becomes painful (well, more so sore) to try to stay awake until night.