I am very tired but got loads to do!

I went for a long walk to the supermarket and carried two bags of shopping back. I could have taken the car but I needed the fresh air to wake me up. I am now very awake because the air is quite cold out there. I had to feed the cats after I got home so that they stopped following me around meowing. They had food earlier before I went out but they act like they haven’t eaten all day. I have a few other bits to do after my dinner. I am quite tired so I need a rest. I will most likely sleep tonight, hopefully not at a stupid hour.

I know that people may be wondering about whether I have something to announce. I don’t know yet. I may have some news in a few weeks. I have to be sure before I officially confirm anything. I honestly don’t know for sure myself. This is why I need to finally leave the past behind. I can’t get involved in anything that could get me into trouble. And, if things turn out the way it seems to be indicating, I may be taking a back seat. I will have other things to focus on and I can’t afford to let my guard down. I don’t mind doing little bits but I have to stay in the background to keep my privacy and most of my life out of public view. The internet is open to influences I do not wish to have in my life if certain things materialise.