Today hasn’t been as positive.

I have been depressed today. I spent the whole day trying to make myself wash my hair. I’ve finally managed to do the task. I’m not feeling too great so I cancelled my plans tomorrow. I know what is causing me to feel like crap. I suffer badly with fluctuating hormones around the time I’m due my monthly. That is due next week, despite losing a bit of weight I am bloated and it’s making me feel yuck. I was so tired earlier I actually laid on the sofa most of the afternoon. I have been to the doctor about these hormone issues but they aren’t that useful. They basically think that as a woman I should just put up with the hormones making me feel down part. That’s easy for someone to say when they don’t experience the issue. People only see the outwardly view of a woman being unreasonable, snappy and moody. Others assume that is just part of our personality and wrongly label us with various personality disorders. Any other sort of issue would get the appropriate support apart from autism, mental health and hormones malfunction.