Today was a rare ‘good’ day!

I woke up this morning with a reluctant attitude to the day ahead. I sat on the sofa for a few hours after eating and drinking (medication means I cannot skip meals otherwise it apparently doesn’t work). I could have sat there all day until I popped outside to get something from my car. I got some energy this afternoon and feel like I’ve had a full day. I’m in bed by half 10! That is unusual for me. I normally roll into bed around midnight or have a late afternoon/evening sleep (not recommending the second option, that results in not sleeping the entire night).

I managed to do a lot of things around the flat which needed sorting. I then went out for a walk. That wasn’t supposed to be a long walk but I felt better so I walked the normal distance. I got back from my walk to watch a soap while I cooked and ate my tea (evening meal to those that aren’t familiar with terms we use in the U.K.). Later, I went on my vibrating plate machine. This machine isn’t the most pleasant to use (even the gym ones can be uncomfortable) but I’m already feeling results. I haven’t got proper firm muscles yet but they’re developing. Strangely, I also feel relaxed afterwards. I’m not itching on my 3rd session. This shows that I’m getting muscle development as only newbies (unless vibration sensitive) with separated fat cells get itchy skin.

I have the huge task of my weekly hair wash tomorrow. That may sound like one of those easy tasks but not quite when you’ve got thick hair that you’re growing long. It can be a handful and also a tedious tiring task if you’re lacking energy  or just feeling stressed. I want to grow my hair long again so it’s just something I will have to make myself do every week. I spray dry shampoo on it sometimes to last  an extra day but it ends up matted in product if I don’t wash it. I’m have naturally dry textured hair, thus the only wash once a week including a deep conditioning mask routine.