Today has been ‘rushed’. And I’ve struggled with motivation.

I didn’t sleep well last night, nothing unusual, which caused me to wake up about midday today. I was woken up by a parcel delivery. The same company dropped both my new iron and vibrating ‘exercise’ plate off together; which turned out convenient as this meant I didn’t have extra anxiety waiting for two separate deliveries. I opened my vibrating plate machine while watching the television earlier. I wasn’t sure if this machine was going to be any good due to the price being quite cheap. The reason it was on the cheaper side (under £100) turns out the machine was European as it had an EU plug. Luckily, I had previously brought an adapter for those circumstances when something doesn’t have a UK plug. The adapters are still quite on the cheaper side from so that would still make the product much more of a bargain in comparison to the average price of these machines. I think that I will need time to get used to using for a short time per day because I’m not used to the vibration yet and it made me itch on the first half an hour setting. I used to go on these machines at the local gym which was knocked down and moved with our leisure centre. I never went to the new one as the membership fees have gone stupid and the other gyms I briefly joined (when I was feeling quite fat) didn’t have those machines. They help to tone muscles so that some of the flab disappears. That doesn’t mean that you can cheat because it’s not a ‘fat melting’ machine. The only way the desired results happen is by doing exercise before you go on there or on there; standing still doesn’t achieve any results.

I went out to the shops to buy enough food  for the week, and a bit extra in case our area got battered by the storms that are forecast. I tried to do everything that involved going anywhere for the next few days but then realised I need to pick up my medication. I only have a few days supply of my antidepressants. I can walk to the pharmacy but certainly won’t be if the rain and wind is like the weather that came over us earlier. I wouldn’t fancy driving in that either as the rain was hammering down and strong gales of wind; I could hear how severe the weather was from inside my flat earlier. I am glad that I didn’t wait until later in the evening to get everything I needed. I was nearly blown off the step of the flat carpark when I got home even before that weather came in.

I did a bit of my OU module this evening, but the struggle to motivate myself meant that I didn’t spend long on making notes for the next assignment. I did some of the housework like changing the bed covers and doing a clothes wash. I vacuumed up cat hair and other bits that they leave behind on a daily basis. I wasn’t even exhausted like I normally am but I just didn’t want to get up.

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