I got a lot done despite getting up late / I can’t sleep at night.

I actually got up at a stupidly late time today. I didn’t mean to fall asleep but I did by accident. I went to bed early last night but still woke up at nearly 2am and then couldn’t get back to sleep. I went to sleep by half 11. I didn’t sleep until about 6am and then didn’t wake up until about 3pm. I still managed to get nearly everything I was planning to get done today before I went out for the evening, despite waking up at a late hour. Both of the cats litter trays have been changed, their food bowl has been washed out and replaced with new food, vacuumed everywhere including the bed and sofa (I have to do that because of the cats leaving fur and bits over the furniture), loaded the washing machine with a pile of clothes (also put them on the drying rack after they were done before I went out) and finally I had to clean the cooker top and the windowsills. There was boiled over residue on the cooker which I should have cleaned yesterday but I was feeling too tired. The windowsills get mud on them ever time the cats come in and out so they get wiped over every few days. Finally, I have been working on notes for my Open Uni module assignment this evening. I was surprised that I got so much done because most of the day had gone by the time I got up.

I hate my sleep being this weird. I wish that I could sleep for more than a block of few hours. I always feel tired all the time because I’m awake too long in between the hours that I manage to sleep.

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