Too tired, afternoon nap required. Night sleep is impossible.

I did a bit of housework but I got tired. I didn’t sleep last night until early this morning. 7am to 10.30am is barely any sleep. I worked it out and realised why the tiredness has just hit me. It is only 10 days into the new year but I’m not organised yet. I am constantly fighting anxiety which makes me worry at night. I don’t switch off 24/7 because the past has made me constantly on edge. I don’t want to stay in this lack of sleep pattern long term because I never get things done. I half do things and that has left a mess. I just want a full nights uninterrupted sleep. I either wake up every few hours (sometimes every hour) or the cats wake me up. I just had a cat jump up onto my bed behind me as I typed that sentence. Mister always knows when I’m mentioning him. He also follows me around a lot… even to the bathroom. I keep feeling itchy because my skin has gone dry and sensitive. I’m drinking more water so it doesn’t make any sense. I think I’m just run down because earlier I felt like I was getting a cold.