Tiredness and didn’t get much done.

I got up to go out for a few bits but when I got back the tiredness hit me. I didn’t get housework done but I’m probably going to be asleep until the morning after I do lay down for a nap. I’m in bed typing this post. I don’t want to seem lazy but I literally have no energy right now. I was struggling earlier before I attempted to do anything. I need to get myself checked out soon due to still having issues that are quite personal. I thought that it had stopped but things keep happening. That was the reason I thought that I was pregnant but all negative tests despite symptoms. I’ve exercised a lot to try to get rid of my ever growing stomach, there is still a bump there and I’m having random symptoms off and on. These trousers I’m wearing are new and they are already getting tight. I’m only gaining weight around my boobs, hips and lower stomach. Then I go tired suddenly which just comes on and I have to nap. I’m getting fed up having no proper answers from any tests I’ve already had previously. I can’t stay this way.