I fear the future as a vulnerable adult while new legislation is about to be enacted.

I just want to express my concern regarding all this new stalking legislation. I have tried to contact organisations in charge of proposals directly but haven’t had a response. I’m not going to pressure them but I will state my concerns here. Those that have read my story will know that my autism got me into conflict with the harassment act law amendments enacted in 1997. This got me labelled for life and basically punished me for my autistic side. I ended up with depression etc due to how I was treated. I’m in no way condoning those that do intentionally  stalk and eventually murder their victims. I am condemning the labelling of people with problems like autism from a young age. That’s not providing the early interventions needed to tackle the lack of social development causing the problematic behaviour. Locking a person up doesn’t change anything whatsoever. Punishing them for something that isn’t their fault also isn’t ever going to be productive either.

There is no attempt to tackle the route of what started a particular problematic behaviour. Instead, more issues get piled on top of the original problem and this leads to complexities that damage autistics for life.  I’m brave to speak out because I get criticised and persistently told that I’m wrong. Or, those in power to address these concerns, don’t listen to me or even include my feedback officially. This is due to the fact that my views totally conflicts against the agenda that is being proposed. It isn’t democracy when our government and organisations do not listen to the concerns of vulnerable groups. We should be able to lawfully be involved in planning laws which could negatively affect us. I was too young when the original legislations came in which impacted my life due to how autistic behaviour is constantly misunderstood. I’m an educated person this time around who is even doing an undergraduate degree in law. The fact that I have autism and slight learning disabilities doesn’t cancel out how much I have fought to have a voice which will be part of creating the changes we need as vulnerable adults. I know that I could sometimes be a complete little weirdo when I was growing up. I have paid for being different. I have worked hard in my own life to be given a chance to be able to speak out and for people to listen.

The new legislation on stalking is technically being brought into force for exactly the same reasons as the previous amendments. The previous amendments were supposed to stop tragedies which lead to the victims getting murdered. The reality of those amendments of the harassment act hasn’t changed outcomes. There have been many cases since that legislation came into force where that exact scenario has happened. The only people that got caught up in the new legislations were those that had conditions such as autism. It has also been used as a way for individuals to avoid their responsibilities and in some cases be openly prejudice, freely discriminating towards vulnerable groups. The legislation allowed them to discriminate while being seen as the victim. It has been used to bully, control and victimise vulnerable adults. I try to bring these points up all the time via discussions but it falls on deaf ears. I’m saying it here because I’m hoping that my point will be weighed up and taken into account by those that make legislation in the United Kingdom.

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