Quiet day but I got a bit done. :)

I had to stop myself falling asleep on the sofa at lunchtime otherwise I wouldn’t have got anything done. I’m trying to drink water more often than tea because I am trying to not get dehydrated again. I read that it can cause tiredness so that might have been the issue causing me to feel exhausted for ages. I’m starting to feel more alert already.

I’ve just sat down after washing and deep conditioning my hair. I hadn’t washed it since last year. That sounds bad but literally last year was only a week ago. I’ve tried to do a bit of my open university module. Ironically on a topic that I’m interested in for once, Human rights. The majority of the topics are just boring things that we have to know and teaching us skills that are required in the legal profession.

Those that are watching coronation street tonight will see how child protective services operate in fiz and tyrones storyline.