Today didn’t go to plan. But I made an effort. Triple numbers everywhere, and some other repeated numbers.

I didn’t get up until extremely late despite being awake early. I went for a long walk to wake up and get a few bits after I finally got up. I walked back with two bags reasonably full but they didn’t feel that heavy. I got offered a lift by a car with the number plate 555. I was half way home so I didn’t risk taking the offer. The person was delivering takeaway food. They may have been perfectly trustworthy but I don’t know them. I saw another car with 555 on the number plate. There was also one with 222. I’ve not seen triple numbers like that for a while. Apart from my own number plate that has 777 on it. I was wearing my lucky bracelets (photo on social media accounts). I don’t know if they will actually bring me luck but they look nice. Also I saw a car number plate with hi18, I definitely don’t want to live that year again. I do get afraid when I see the numbers I started seeing when everything kicked off in my life. I’ve seen 2222 on different digital clocks over the last week. I saw 1818 on my mobile clock while I was walking earlier. I have seen 1717 constantly for a long time.