Slept ok but woke up early due to cat.

I did sleep properly during the night but got woken up by Mister. He was telling me that his food bowl was empty at half 3 in the morning. He’s been let outside to burn off his energy but he is still extremely hyper. He has tried to play fight with his sister several times which didn’t end well. She wants to chill out but he keeps jumping on her. She growled and scratched him then fell asleep on my bed. She goes out a lot during the day which is why she is tired at night. He sleeps the majority of the day and goes out most of the night. They are both completely opposite from each other in many ways but get on well with each other most of the time. I do have to tell him off for jumping on his sister because she doesn’t seem to react positively towards him being too physically full on. I had to tell him off for running around meowing at 5am after he has his food and was full of energy again. Mimi is being well behaved chilling on the bed. Mister finally wore himself out at half 5 this morning and is now curled up in the cat bed. He will be lazing about between sleeping places until tonight now. He strolls around during the day laying next to me on sofa, going in a box in my utility cupboard/room, that cat bed and their 6ft scratching tower (they can lay on parts of the levels).

On that note, I’m going to try to get a few more hours of snoozing while they are quiet and won’t wake me for food until at least mid morning. I’m still wide awake but hopefully not for long. I haven’t had consistent sleep due to mister waking me up twice regarding his lack of food in the bowls.