Some progress.

I managed to reset my sleep pattern. Well, ish. I now have my medication set to the proper time that it’s supposed to be taken because I took them in the early morning before I had a few hours sleep. I’m going to be absolutely exhausted by the time it’s time to go bed. I’m out at the moment. I’m feeling more relaxed after my reflexology session. I hadn’t been for 3 months in case I was pregnant. I’m apparently quite dehydrated. I do try to drink water but I’m really bad at getting into a proper habit. I don’t like the taste of water either. I think that sipping a glass several times a day is the best way of training myself. I’m bloated so I probably should start tonight. I have been getting scabby skin so hopefully that clears up when I get into the habit of drinking water. I’ve noticed dry lips recently but I thought it was just the cold weather. I’ve been having epsom salt baths regularly which probably hasn’t helped with that issue.