I slept all day :( I’m never going to fix my sleep pattern.

I slept the whole day again. I feel so ashamed because I never meant to sleep that long. I missed my medication again. I went for a walk but now I’m feeling on edge again. I need to get things done but I’m behind on everything. Even the small things not getting done is an irritation to me, not helped by the fact that I can’t concentrate on anything properly when I miss my medication in the mornings. I realised that none of my pjs or onesies were dry from being in the wash so I’ve had to put them on the radiator. It’s good that I went for a long walk but I feel like I’ve really messed up the day in all other aspects. I needed that walk because the fresh air made me feel more awake. Hopefully it will help me sleep at some point during the night rather than the early morning and rest of the day tomorrow. I have things on tomorrow and the television is okay during the week for a few hours in the morning. I’m sorry I need to sign off tonight because I can’t concentrate on this post for long.

One thought on “I slept all day :( I’m never going to fix my sleep pattern.

  1. Everyone hits this “roadblock” at some time or other, when they can never seem to get all the things that need doing done. The “stress” and worry about this is probably not helping your sleeping pattern.

    When I get into this “downward spiral”, I find it helpful to reduce my list of ‘things that need doing’ to just one or two items and focus on getting them done. Surprisingly, concentrating on so few items tends to result in me getting a lot more done than I had planned.


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