Trying to fix sleep pattern but messed it up more….

I have taken my antidepressants at an early hour when I had breakfast cereal. I didn’t sleep since exactly 2:22am (the time when I checked my mobile). It is now nearly 7am. I lay awake all night. I only fell asleep at half 1 in the morning so barely even had one hour sleep the whole night. I’ve had Mimi (cat) asleep next to me for the last few hours but I couldn’t. I don’t even feel stressed. I’m relaxed but just can’t sleep. I’m not sure whether I’m in a better sleep pattern now or the one I previously had before trying to change it. I’m feeling better in myself but that could be just my medication rebalancing due to missing it a few times. I still have no energy though because I haven’t slept. I don’t have tooth ache or a migraine any longer which is something. That migraine was there for almost a week. It wasn’t that strong after two days but it still stayed sore. I’m not sure if the toothache was part of my migraine because they disappeared at the same time. I am off to try to get at least a few more hours sleep now.