Day 1 of the year 2020. So far, going okay.

I went for my first walk of the new year today. I didn’t go until after dark because I got up late (didn’t sleep again last night) but I still got out at some point. I was wound up yesterday because I didn’t get out when I needed a break. I feel better for walking but my migraine is still there a bit somewhere. I can live with that in comparison to how it attacked me on Boxing Day. I felt like I had been in some kind of boxing match then. I feel quite hot so I’m not sure I’m totally better yet. I have been going hot for weeks though so I’m thinking my hormones are definitely a bit off.

I have tooth ache but I’m not keen on the dentist. I never used to have an issue with the place until the last filling hurt me. I had never been dentist resistant previously. I can’t leave it because if there is a hole there it will just get more painful. I will probably get told off for grinding my teeth while I’m asleep. I know that I’ve been doing it during nightmares recently. It happens when I’m feeling stressed. I also get told off for drinking Pepsi max which isn’t that much of an issue now since I only have one little  bottle a day. The smallest amount available apart from the can.

I’m quite tired and trying to cool down before I go to sleep. I am logging off now to read a book.