Month: January 2020

  • If dmu wants a fight they will gladly get it…

    DMU’s reply to my complaint about the reimbursement of my fees was belatedly sent to my probation officer.  I have just read it.  They are claiming the reason that the complaint was rejected is that it was submitted too late. I wasn’t informed that it was a problem until three, nearly four years down the […]

  • I am not better.

    The fluid in my knee is refusing to drain trying to get it out the natural way. The anti inflammatory gel hasn’t worked well either today. I was better earlier but the stretchy feeling in the back of my knee is starting to be there all the time. I can’t put too much weight on […]

  • I’m better but not sure yet.

    I think that my knee is a bit better but I’m not sure yet. I know that sounds confusing  but I’m going to be resting it most of tomorrow. I’m not great at sitting still but sometimes nothing else is going to fix it. I will ring the gp but I doubt that I will […]

  • Darkness just hits me sometimes.

    I randomly felt sad and started crying at 4am. I was thinking about things that were quite on the dark side. I’m also over heated because the cats have decided to sleep either side of me on my bed. They are giving off a lot of heat because they’re curled up right next to me. […]

  • Still limping around… and getting very fat.

    I attempted to go for a walk but couldn’t go far due to my knee. I’m wearing my pj bottoms when I’m home because it’s more comfortable. I need to go to the doctors because I also have a visible bump appearing. I don’t know if I’m pregnant but all my clothes are getting tight […]