Happy New Year — 2020 here we come!

I’m aware that this is hours early but I don’t think that I will be staying awake to post at midnight. I am already in my Onesie and planning to go to bed probably two hours before the new year arrives. I may not necessarily be asleep. I will reply to new year messages if I’m awake or in the morning if I have fallen asleep.

I have no hopes for the next decade, let alone the next year.  That is how little hope I have for the future. I did another pregnancy test earlier which was negative again. It can’t be too early now. I just have to face the fact that I won’t have any more children and I’ll never probably hear from my son who was ‘forcibly’ adopted in 2014. I’m going to continue living a lie and a life that I despise. The life I wanted was ripped from me and now I don’t even seem to have the ability to have another shot at what was stolen from me.

I had hope last year but all the efforts I’ve made haven’t resulted in any changes. Those of us with autism won’t ever have human rights. I’m supposed to have a right to family life under the Human Rights Act 1998, but I have been denied that. I’m supposed to just accept a wrongful adoption of probably the only child I’m ever going to be able to conceive. That isn’t right and I wish that I could at least have contact with the child that I already have out there but was legally stolen by some so called adoptive parents who couldn’t give a damn about his birth mother. The worse thing is knowing that legally I can’t do anything to enforce the reversal of the wrong that has happened against me. They (UK government agencies) have the law on their side regardless of the mistakes they made towards those of us with disability. Then we just have to lump it and pretend that we are happy. Screw that! I have tried so hard through the proper channels which got me nowhere and then punished for getting upset about the injustice that I have plainly suffered.

And, to the idiots that voted for Conservatives in the latest election, I hope that you’re the ones that get your rights infringed which causes havoc in your lives. The system isn’t going to change under that government. Money is going to be going into things that aren’t appropriate and that doesn’t provide any kind of support for those that aren’t from wealthy backgrounds. Welcome to the next decade, the state of affairs to come will be your fault, hope it finally bites the right people in the ****.

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