Half of my new year housework done.

I have done half my housework but I’m having a 5 minute break with the cat who is asleep next to me on the sofa. They both fell asleep while I was doing things. I have done the huge task which is my mass of thick hair washing and conditioning session. In comparison to all the other things I have to do that felt like the largest challenge. I don’t like the task now it’s getting longer but I still want to have long hair. I only have to wash it once a week but if I’m tired it feels like climbing a mountain. I don’t remember sleeping much last night but I had slept for hours over two days when I was ill. I woke up earlier than normal. I need to get all housework done before tomorrow because I’m not tempting the bad luck. I’m not trying to be suspicious but after the events of my life I don’t want to invite any negative things.

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