Today has been awful :(

I has been ill all day with the worst migraine I’ve had in a while. I had to go back to bed every time I got up to attempt to eat and drink. I was only able to have a sandwich and only able to drink water most of the day. I have pain in one side of my forehead behind my eye. I managed to get a bath tonight. I was cold all day but now I feel too hot. I woke up seeing things in front of my eyes like black specks of grain and a tree (I don’t know why a tree but I’d just woken up so it was most likely a projection of a dream). I didn’t see them at the same time. They were separate occasions throughout today.

I feel slightly better but I think this is a bug not just a migraine. I was feeling sick earlier which is why I didn’t have much to eat. I have only felt like sleeping despite attempting to stay awake. I’m hoping that I wake up feeling at least a bit better tomorrow.

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