Christmas season has worn me out already. My car is also adding to the seasonal stress.

I knew that Christmas was going to be an effort. I’m absolutely exhausted to the point where I am just going to sleep in my clothes tonight. I will just have a bath in the morning and put on a clean set of clothes. I have the most matted hair because it needs washing and I styled it with various products yesterday. Mimi is sat next to me which is comforting because I feel quite down too. The cats love me… when I have food… or when they want warmth during a nap. I struggled to get through today despite spending it around the flat doing various things. I had to get into bed by half-nine because I ran out of energy. I was sat on the sofa nodding off watching some random thing on television. I don’t feel great anyway due to hormonal stuff alongside being exhausted.

The car has also decided to develop a few faults. When I start it up it has been over-revving and smelling of petrol for a few months and only bought it six months ago. Yesterday it started stalling after being started. It does start the second time I turn the engine over. I’m glad that it did finally start otherwise I would have had a nine mile walk home at two in the morning. It did the same today. I drove to the shop and the engine wasn’t sounding normal. Also, on the way back, it kept intermittently informing me that the seatbelt was off. The seatbelt was on and none of the others were in use because there was only me in the car.  I need to get it checked out but my guess is that a sensor is about to need replacing. I’m only guessing. From what happened with both my previous cars. They started doing similar things and the sensors needed replacing. One of my previous cars (inherited) broke down in a dangerous place. I was just about to head onto a traffic island in the middle of the three lanes. I wasn’t able to get out because there was cars coming down either side. I had hazard lights switched on but anyone could have smashed into the back of my car due to where I had broken down. I’m needing petrol soon but I won’t go to fill up at our local Asda because that is just tempting fate. Cars have a habit of breaking down in their car park regularly.