I’m so confused :/ intuition is driving me mad.

I don’t want to be stressing for no reason but I’ve had every test including several pregnancy tests. I don’t want to go too far into personal stuff but my monthlies have been erratic since that night. I worked out my pattern (well as much as I could work out from the varying irregular lengths of each cycle). I’ve had mostly spotting and that heavy bleeding at the end of the last extended cycle.

However, I only had 16 days before I came on for 10 days in total which is probably due to the vitamins that  I had been taking, occasionally they apparently cause heavy bleeding. Before that night there were 28 days consistently between bleeding part of cycle. Since then  it’s been 26 days in September, 23 days in October, 16 in November (as stated above), 26 days in December. The flow has been much lighter than they were previously before that night. I’m also getting a stomach resembling a bump. I’m barely bleeding this month yet. This is the lightest my spotting has ever been. I’ve never been irregular until that night. I’ve had the sexual transmitted disease tests, took treatment for any other types of infections. Infections can cause bleeding. Bleeding prevents pregnancy hormones from building up in the urine which means they tests won’t pick up the levels which indicate a positive. I’m being told by my intuition to keep testing every month. I keep getting pregnancy symptoms but the tests aren’t yet showing it. I can actually feel an bulge in my abdomen where you’d expect to find a growing baby. I have felt movement which I thought was gas but it feels deeper. I am just going to have to wait this one out because I don’t think there is any over night solution to this but to wait and see.

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