A hand drawn card from the team at Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert Blog ….

‪Have a wonderful Christmas from all of the team at Diary Of A Painfully Shy Introvert Blog :)‬


Exhausted but woke up quite early :/

I was awake most of the night due to things playing on my mind. It’s not like I don’t feel myself nodding off. I kept thinking about things I cannot repeat on here because it’s part of my private life. I’m sure that I’m probably worrying for no reason, however I’m just that type that lets things get to me. I will literally stay awake if I’m bugged by an issue. I can’t say anything on here officially yet until I’m sure about certain things. I have been kept awake all night by something being firmly stuck in my head. I can’t shake certain feelings off. I will know one way or the other soon but waiting isn’t a skill that comes easily to me. I get restless which means I just don’t settle enough to sleep much. I wish that my mind would quit being overactive. I don’t get to rest much due to my mind pinging from one thing to another repetitively.