I actually slept for a while at a proper time.

I may have woken up at half 3 in the morning but I actually fell asleep at a decent hour. I had to sleep at about 11pm because the tiredness just hit me. That doesn’t happen often. I normally lay awake for hours. I think that I would have slept the whole night if I hadn’t woken up needing the toilet. I still feel tired. If I can sleep another 3 hours before my alarm goes off I would have managed to sleep for 6 hours. It’s better than I normally manage. I worked out that I only sleep for 3 or 4 hours a night on an average week. That goes down to about 2 if I’m finding something stressful or quite bugged over an issue. I’m not surprised that I feel exhausted during the day. I wish that I could be one of those people that can just sleep for a full 8 hours a night. I have felt normal when I have managed that on the odd occasion. I have to be absolutely worn out to be able to sleep in that pattern. That occasionally happens after weeks of a few hours sleep per night.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. I also get nightmares which wake me up due to things that have happened in my life. That just adds to my inability to sleep properly. I’m not someone who can sleep deeply unless I do end up at the point where I’ve exhausted myself after weeks of barely any sleep. Those nap times normally happen during the day rather than the night. I have quite sensitive hearing due to my autism so that also can wake me up. I can’t wear ear plugs because I will never hear my alarm. I can hear stuff from the flat above when they’re moving around. I can tell you that the woman upstairs directly above me wakes up at 5am every morning. I know that she goes to bed quite early because after about half 10 due to not hearing any movement after that time. I don’t think I would wake her up with the noises from my place due to her being quite deaf. I don’t find their habits an issue but 5am is a bit early to be stirred when I don’t have to get up. I don’t think a person with an average hearing range would hear those things as loudly.

I don’t make a lot of noise. I have the television on but not that high unless I’m watching something and even that is only about 25. I’m not a huge fan of the television. I subscribe to Netflix because I prefer the choice of watching programmes at my leisure. I can fit things around my pattern (which we all know can be rather verging on the nocturnal). I don’t like a lot of the programmes or films on there as much nowadays. I started subscribing 2 years ago. I feel that recently the standard has slipped. There is no more episodes of orange is the new black, the documentaries aren’t interesting and I just can’t get into a lot of the films. I watched glitch, an Australian series recently. The island (all those kinds of non mainstream ideas). Ingrid goes west (I think that was the title). Dead to me was okay. I am not one of those that watch the crown. I know that it has a lot of viewers but I wasn’t impressed when I watched an episode.