Housework and knitting has been my Saturday (boring I know).

I cleaned up and vacuumed a bit earlier. I need to wash my hair but that is a massive job due to how thick it has become. It takes a patience mood to spend 3 hours shampooing, conditioning and waiting on the deep mask treatment. I have just washed up (despite not feeling up to it) before I went to bed. I had been knitting for part of the evening. I’m not finished yet. The bits are all knitted but I need to fix them together. It’s only a plain knit that looks like a cross between a bunny and elf on the shelf character. It’s only flat, not 3D. I’m starting slowly and keeping it simple. I know that it sounds awful but I assure everyone that it looks better than the description. Think the energiser bunny crossed between an elf and in a silhouette style, that will help predict the final result.

I have only just started incorporating shapes into my knitting attempts. I find straight patterns less challenging now. I’m still mastering how to add/change colour because sometimes it doesn’t weave into the stitching properly. Huge hint to beginners. I thought that when I knotted the same colour threads together, after getting to the end of one ball, was a smart idea. It turned out to be a mistake that resulted in half of a scarf having to be knitted again. The correct way is to stitch the new thread in. I have proven that trying to cut corners doesn’t work. Instead of being quicker, it resulted in having to take longer redoing the bit I had done which came apart. It seems logical until you try it and then becomes apparent why people don’t do that when knitting. The knitting process is no longer a relaxing task if your project falls to bits. I occasionally get a cat trying to play with the ball of wool but most of the time they behave. Mister just tries to sit next to me when I’m busy doing anything. That doesn’t beat the time when he peed on my laptop after I started my OU module. He didn’t want my attention shared with note making. Luckily he hasn’t done that again.   I was able to clean the mess off my laptop because it hadn’t got into anywhere which could cause damage. Mimi behaves herself but she is a cat that isn’t seen unless she wants food or comes to sleep on my bed next to me during the night. She isn’t really that much of a social cat. Mister is overly social. He’s always all over visitors that aren’t strangers to him. You do have to be careful though because he gets excited while playing then catches your hands with his claws, or bites depending on his mood. I have a claw mark on my hand from yesterday.

I wish that I could sleep. I have the worse sleep pattern at the moment. I hate day time but I shouldn’t sleep most of daylight hours. In the winter that means it will be dark when I’m awake. I would love to prefer daytime but I’m just naturally nocturnal because it’s quiet and there is no demands during the night. The world wakes up during the day. That means interaction with various demands. It was very anxiety causing in prison when I heard everyone waking up at 7am knowing I had to make myself interact up until 6pm lock up. We got a break at lunch time for an hour while the prison officers had their lunch. If I hadn’t been given a single cell I would have been forced to interact with someone for 24 hours a day. I just can’t do people for too long.

The weather isn’t making tonight peaceful. I can hear the strong wind and rain out there. Even the cats have no desire to go out tonight. Mimi is sleeping next to me and mister is trying to jump up  onto my wardrobe which has lots of things stored on top at the moment. He figured out how to jump up there despite the obstacles a few nights ago.