Well, I’m very ashamed of the majority of voters in this country.

I cannot believe that people are voting for a Tory majority. I feel ashamed of living in the same country as those voters. I will never share their views when it comes to supporting that party. The majority of this country has just showed how much they do not give a damn about vulnerable groups of people. The services that this group need have been cut to an unworkable level. Universal credit has ripped lives apart. The NHS is struggling more than ever. I am appalled that these were never a priority when deciding to cast a conservative vote. Those that are vulnerable are going to continue to suffer over the next 5 years! The tories won’t deliver their funding promises to important services. Boris has been caught out lying many times and this was just a huge string of lies to get voted into the position of prime minister. There is going to be so much more nastiness over the time he holds that position.  The whole party do not give a crap about every day people, let alone the vulnerable. I genuinely fear the next 5 years as a disabled person. The Tory party will just encourage the forced adoption process which is constantly happening to disabled people. They’ve already taken away all the support services to keep the children of disabled people with their parents. The support that we need for our disabilities just isn’t available any longer! We are left to struggle and put on a brave face when we lose the important things in our life if we can’t manage without support. I am upset that we have another 5 years of struggling to come. I feel that everyone who voted for other parties should hit the streets. They have protested in other countries. It’s time we took a stand for the vulnerable people who continue to be let down since the Tory party has been in power. We aren’t happy and we need to show it.