I have my reason for wanting things to be resolved due to knock-on effects continuing long term in my life.

I’m not being overly sensitive about certain things. I lost the support service that I had a few years ago due to what happened. The council stopped my support being allowed to attend court with me. And then gradually took away more and more. I then had my support pulled all together and no services were provided for my autism needs. I then kept breaking the restraining order even more and ended up being sent to prison because I was just dropped. I still get none of the services that I’m entitled to and the mental health part of the council won’t take me off of the section 117 aftercare, yet continue to be paid the funding for me. I don’t even see the mental health team. I haven’t seen a psychiatrist in 2 or 3 years. They send a social worker out who tells me my needs don’t meet a threshold and then I’m left again. This is the main part that annoys me. I am now denied support due to what happened. They could see how upset I was over everything but just left me. I was abandoned when I should receive services due to not having been discharged from the aftercare funding. I struggle a lot now and I blame her and people’s lack of understanding of the pda type of autism.

I’m constantly punished by not being given services, but on the other hand just being left on the aftercare clause. That aftercare clause leaves me in limbo if I’m not deemed to be getting help. I don’t want to be left in that situation just because another person is using what happened to be seen as a victim. She really isn’t. She chose to ruin my life when there were other viable options. And for what? People to see her as a good person due to backing her actions by making out that I deserved how I was treated. She tries to make out that she has changed so many students lives for the better. That is completely a load of bullshit. Many of those students thought she was weird. She only helped the ones that showed promise and that she could latch herself to their success stories. I didn’t show promise or anything she could take credit for… only how she could gain attention by making sure my past was used against me. These long term consequences in my life for her victim playing role is completely unfair. I am also jumpy at every single noise I hear around me. That is how it’s left me. I’m still told my needs aren’t substantial enough to get services. But then they say I’m not ready to come off aftercare clause, in fact they don’t even reply to requests for meetings to officially discuss that issue.