I don’t want to be told what to say on my own blog.

I have a right kind to my opinions on my blog. I have them for a reason. I don’t mean them to be an insult. It is how I see things and I am affected by those things. It is my blog. I’m not slagging anyone off. I know what has caused my issues. If others don’t want to accept my observations then you could always try not logging into my blog. I’m not the only one who has observed these things. I’m just the only one publishing these observations.

I’m also hoping that tories don’t win the election tomorrow. The services are awful enough. We cannot afford to have the same government in power for the next 3 or 5 years. I don’t get the support that I should receive for my autism. I do struggle and I would love for there to be proper support available for adults with autism out there. Especially for those that are high functioning because they get overlooked as okay to leave without services. I probably find life more challenging than I mention on a daily basis because I was conditioned to basically get on with it. I don’t ask for help  as every time I have done in the past it has led to the opposite. That is a common thing that has happened to many with high functioning autism. That will definitely not improve if the tories are voted back into government. The Tory mp that our area had retired. We have the perfect chance to change the mp after 30 odd years. I’m doubtful that will happen though.

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