It’s getting ridiculous now….

I don’t want to seem ungrateful but since yesterday I have been propositioned by loads of men online. I’m flattered, but not interested. I’m not going to become straight regardless of how many males on here think that they can make me ‘into’ them. I do not find men remotely attractive. I write a blog on living with autism and other things from time to time. I don’t log on for anything else. I am not even a user of dating sites. I may have joined them in the past but I no longer those sites. It has got ridiculous since I mentioned that I wanted to be single yesterday; seemingly it appears that men have taken that as a challenge. That is not subject to change however many messages I get from men telling me I’m attractive and proceeding to say some inappropriate things.

Those messages may not seem inappropriate to the senders, but anything unwanted is seen as inappropriate nowadays. I have made it clear that I do not want this attention. This means I’m finding these advances inappropriate. I got sent to Prison for behaviour along those lines. I had to accept that I could not approach the person that I found attractive. I’m not accepting that behaviour towards me when I got punished so severely. Sometimes we just have to be miserable due to the person that we desire not being able to feel anything for us. That’s how shit life can be. Some of us are destined to be miserable okay. I don’t find it helpful to have these advances and never being able to have the person I wanted in my life. I just cannot deal with men approaching me despite being told on here that I’m not interested. It makes me feel more down about not even being able to be friends with the person that I truly liked.